Is there a dangerous or problematic tree in your yard or company property?

Tree Removal

When you need professional and fast tree removal service, we can help. Specializing in emergency tree removal for years, we have the equipment and skill to remove all unwanted trees safely and efficiently.

Land Clearing

Land clearing is an essential step when preparing an area for development. At CFB Landscape Solutions, we use specialized machines to complete each land clearing job safely and quickly.

Foundations and Yard Expansions

Are you on the market for a company that builds foundations or yard expansions? If so, you have definitely come to the right place! With our help, you will get the reliable solutions you desire and deserve.

Tree Trimming

Properly equipped and professionally trained, we are able to remove and trim trees quickly and safely. We are responsible for our job and guarantee services and results that will meet and even exceed your expectations.


Tree removal service

Is there a dangerous problematic or unwanted tree in your yard or company property? Call us 978-601-2733


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Trees and shrubs establish the framework for your property’s landscape design. Tree removal may be the only viable solution when 1) a tree creates a safety hazard 2) stands in the way of construction 3) blocks sunlight killing other trees shrubs or lawn 4) the tree looks horrible ( and unsightly tree line can ruin the appeal of your yard) 5) the tree is dead or dying.

Don’t let an unsightly or unwanted tree ruin your properties visual appeal and value! Our service will leave your yard looking attractive and orderly!

When you need fast professional tree removal service we can help. Specializing in tree removal for years we have the equipment and skill to remove all unwanted trees safely and efficiently. We can assure you that your satisfaction is absolutely guaranteed!

Tree removal contractor
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Services offered

(but not limited to):

  • Tree removal
  • Land clearing
  • Fallen tree cleanup and removal Falling Branch cleanup and removal Brush cleanup and removal
  • Tree trimming
  • Excavation and demolition
  • Fully insured
  • Residential and commercial
  • Land clearing house lots
  • Foundations yard expansions
  • Drainage sewer and water repair or tie-ins
  • Septic systems
  • Retaining walls
  • Demolition
  • Site work underground utilities
  • Stump removal and Disposal parking lots
  • Excessive cuts and fills ledge removal

CFB Landscape Solutions

Eliminate all the worries about emergency tree removal in your area as Caruso Landscape Solutions offers high quality of tree service with low overhead. If you are from New Bedford, Cambridge, Woburn, Westfield, Hampden, Fitchburg, Boston or Lowell MA, Caruso Landscape Solutions is one call away.

Problematic trees are one of the common problems in the residential yards. They can cause a huge problem when not removed immediately so before they do, it is always important to seek experts to do the removal job.

One of the services which Caruso Landscape Solutions offers is tree removal. Places in New Bedford, Cambridge, Woburn, Westfield, Hampden, Fitchburg, Boston, and Lowell MA have been enjoying the perks of having an excellent team who will not just do what is needed but beyond what is promised.

You can never go wrong in choosing Caruso in eradicating the problems in your residential and even in your commercial backyard. The team is fully-equipped with the necessary skills on proper tree solutions and removal methods with the state-of-the-art equipment at hand.

Hence, you will only have to tell us what you exactly want and it is already our job to deliver satisfying outcomes that will never cost you higher expenses. As much as we want to give the best tree service to the residences in New Bedford, Cambridge, Woburn, Westfield, Hampden, Fitchburg, Boston or Lowell MA, we always want the safety and welfare of our clients. The same goes with how we treat the environment.

We believe that trees are very important for sustainability but oftentimes, certain kinds and in some cases, they have become a huge problem in communities and residences. Sometimes, they are too much to handle to the extent that they do not just require removal but deep solutions. This is where our work becomes integral and, this is why we are always finding the newest solutions and methods so that while giving an excellent quality of tree service to our customers, we also treat the environment properly and systematically.

Many of our satisfied customers in New Bedford, Cambridge, Woburn, Westfield, Hampden, Fitchburg, Boston, and Lowell MA have seen and can testify how dedicated we are in solving the problems they layout on us regarding problematic trees. That is also why our team is still chosen up until today because we always thrive for the best service that will keep the identity we have established through the years.

Whether you are from New Bedford, Cambridge, Woburn, Westfield, Hampden, Fitchburg, Boston, Lowell and other surrounding places in Massachusetts, our team of experts are every day ready to serve you. So, whatever problems you have about unnecessary trees, branches or bushes, give it to us and we will systematically give you the result you all wanted.

Problematic trees are a huge problem in residential and even commercial yards. Thus, it must be eradicated ASAP before it affects you and the neighborhood. If you are on the look for a quality, efficient and affordable services near you, call Caruso Landscape Solutions Today.


I am really glad to recommend the quality tree removal services this company offers! For the last 2 years, we hired them 3 times to remove 3 trees in the yards of 3 different houses. All the times, they were punctual and very precise and did AMAZING work!

Rita R. Winn

There was this tree that was on a weird slope in our backyard that I wanted to be removed. Other tree contractors said they can’t perform tree removal because of the slope except for this company. They were so accommodating and they did a wonderful job. I can’t believe it! Many thanks to these guys!

Bridget Quinn

Out of all the contractors I’ve asked estimates from, this contractor offers the most affordable tree removal service of them all! I can’t believe it! The crew also did a great job and they cleaned up afterward. I’m very happy with the results! Well worth the price you are paying for.

Cynthia O’Brien

If you are looking for competent and efficient guys to perform tree removal service, this is the company you should be calling! The pathway going to our backyard is a bit small but they still managed to squeeze themselves and their equipment in. I super love their efforts and I will definitely be calling them again!

Cecil Hart

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